VimTrick: Jump to next merge conflict

Whisk through tricky merge conflicts with Unimpaired's bracket mappings

If you’re using source control like Git, SVN, or Mercurial then you’re probably accustomed to resolving merge conflicts. There are a variety of tools available to you in Vim to make merge conflict resolution easier.

The tool that has become most essential to my workflow is a set of mappings provided by the Unimpaired plugin to jump to the next conflict marker:

  • ]n goes to the next conflict marker

  • [n goes back to the previous conflict marker

You can also use these with d to delete until the next marker or delete back to the previous marker. This makes quick work of picking which half of the conflict you wish to keep.

  • d]n delete till the next conflict marker

  • d[n delete back to the previous conflict marker

Here’s a short demo of these mappings in action. If you have large files or a lot of conflicts, use ]n to rip through them quickly.

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