VimTrick: Swap two characters

Easily clean up typos by swapping two misplaced characters

Here’s a quick trick that requires no plugins. You probably already know both of these commands but many people, including myself, might not have internalized the combination. A little reminder is sometimes all we need.

Use xp to swap the character under your cursor with the one to its right.

For example, suppose you have a misspelled word like so:

puts "Hlelo world!"

With your cursor on the misplaced l in Hlelo, type xp:

puts "H█elo world!"

The x deletes the character under the cursor and puts it in a register and p pastes that register to the right of the cursor. You end up with:

puts "Hello world!"

Just internalize xp for swapping characters and stop going in and out of insert mode to make small edits.

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